The Planning Board Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month beginning at 7:30 p.m.  

Due to the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 State Directives, until and unless further advised, meetings will be conducted virtually/remotely via web meeting, and telephone conference communications. are listed below. The remote meeting is open to the public, and interested parties are permitted to participate in the same. The meeting will be conducted using the Web Ex operating system, but interested parties do not need a computer to participate; they may also participate by calling in from a landline or cell phone. Instructions for accessing/participating in this meeting are as follows:

Application materials for each application will be on file and available for viewing no less than ten (10) days in advance of the meeting for which a particular application is scheduled. Applications and Exhibits can be reviewed on this page and are listed by application name within the agenda documents.  

The Planning Board is responsible under state statute for preparing and adopting a Township Master Plan, for the review of any and all permitted land use development within Millstone Township, as well as review of Capital Improvements.

The Planning Board is charged with approving all subdivisions, site plans, planned development applications and conditional uses which conform to Township Land Use Ordinances. The Planning Board is also responsible for reviewing all ordinances proposed by the Township Committee that deal with land use, specifically Chapter 84 of the Township Code, as well Municipal Land Use Law, Chapter 291, Laws of N.J. 1975, 40:55D-1, et. Seq.

The Planning Board is made up of nine members and two alternate members who are all appointed by the Mayor. In addition, the Planning Board hires its own consultants at the beginning of each year when it reorganizes.

What is the Master Plan?

Millstone Township Master Plan

The Master Plan is re-examined every ten (10) years.  The Master Plan is comprised of a report or statement of land use and development proposals with maps, diagrams and text presenting a statement of objectives, principles, assumptions, policies and standards upon which constituent proposals for the physical, economic, and social development of the Municipality are based; a land use plan element taking into account and stating its relationship to the statement above and other Master Plan elements provided for and natural conditions, including but not necessarily limited to topography, soil conditions, water supply, drainage, flood plain areas, marshes and woodlands; showing the existing and proposed location, extent and intensity of development of land to be used in the future for varying types of residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, recreational, educational, and other public and private purposes or combination of purposes and stating the relationship thereof to the existing and any proposed zone plan and any proposed zone plan and the zoning ordinance; and showing the existing and proposed location of any airports and the boundaries of any airport safety zones delineated; and including a statement of the standards of population density and development intensity recommended for the municipality.

Planning Board Application Process

The Land Use Office disseminates Planning Board Applications and associated instructions to residents, developers, attorneys, engineers and others for subdivision of land or for preparation of commercial site plans. When an application is filed, the Planning Board Secretary distributes copies of the application and associated plans to the Planning Board professionals for their review.

The Public is informed of Planning Board requirements by contacting the Board Secretary phone #732-446-1936.  The applications for Land Use Development can be found at the link below.  All applications and documents are to be submitted digitally.

The Township the Land Use Development Ordinances can be found on this website:

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