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TAX ASSESSOR – MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP, Monmouth County. CTA certification required with a minimum of five years’ experience to service approximately 10,376 residents and approximately 4,400 line items. The successful candidate must be knowledgeable in all aspects of local assessing practices which includes, but is not limited to: maintaining assessment records, a current tax map of the Township, preparation of 200’ list, record all changes of ownership in the Township, revaluation and reassessment, property tax deduction and exemption programs, inspecting, listing and measuringproperties, the electronic tax appeal system, Micro Systems MOD-IV and SR1A components and working knowledge of the Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program. Applicant must have experience with the State requirements for farmland to manage the 400 plus farms in the Township. Must possess a valid NJ drivers’ license. Part-time position to be available to the public for office hours three days a week, seven hours per day. Please submit resume and cover letter with three professional references to Township Administrator, Kevin Abernethy, Township of Millstone, 470 Stage Coach Road, Millstone Twp., NJ 08510, or email by at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Experienced applicants only. Compensation based on experience. EOE.

POSTED:  09-05-2023

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