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This “Intake Form” is a general form used by Millstone Township to obtain information from residents as to many different issues/situations/and/or problems, which need to be addressed by the Township.  Because it is a general form, which applies to such a wide array of issues, the time needed to respond to any particular issue will vary depending on the subject.  The Township will work promptly to address or respond to each issue.  Emergent issues will be given priority.  Absent an emergency, a person filling out this form should expect a response in approximately 5 to 10 working days except as may be required by law, and certain issues may, in fact, take longer period of time to address.

You may use the online form below to submit your service request or click on one of the following links for printable Resident Service Request form in WORD-RFT or PDF format.

Please note that your communication may be considered a public record under the State's Open Public Records Law. Also, this email form should not be used for the transmission of confidential information. Items below that are marked with ** are required information.

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If unlisted, phone number is exempt from public disclosure under the Open Public Records Act.

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Developer Compliance
Deer Removal
Tree Removal
Code Enforcement
Shade Tree

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